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How to Have Fun with Online Dating

Meeting other people on the internet to date is known as online dating and it can be a good alternative for those having trouble finding a match. On the surface, online dating seems easy and like a 100% win situation but you have to do your homework first. Here are some things you should know to have fun with online dating .

Create Your Profile

When you register at an online dating site, the first priority is to get your profile posted. The profile is the first glimpse that anyone will get of you. It is much like the resume you send to a potential employer. In other words, a resume will never get you a job but will attract interest from a potential employer to call you for an interview. It is the same with an online dating profile. You want to honestly list your qualities, strengths, interest, hobbies, and what you are looking for in someone you would like to date.

You will also want to pick a good photo of yourself. It should be a photo that truthfully displays your physical characteristics. Make sure you are smiling in the photo too. Some post photos when they are in different life situations like enjoying a holiday or their favorite hobby. The photo should be a recent one so as to show what you look like today. Some don’t initially add photos to their profiles and this is okay too. However, be prepared to submit a good photo to the other person interested in you when you do connect.

Handling the Flow

There is no getting around the fact that with online dating sites you will get inundated with people interested in meeting you. Another unfortunate fact that is true with online dating is that no matter how many protections a site uses to keep people honest, there will always be someone who misrepresents their true self. So how do you know which one to choose? The answer is surprisingly simple and it is to trust your intuition. If you think something is not quite right with the other person interested in you then quickly move on.


When you do decide to start chatting with an online dating member who is interested in you it is important to ask questions and trust your judgment on the answers. For example, a man who is interested in you might not tell you his real age. While he may have his age listed on his profile it is still good to ask anyways. If he says, “I’m not so young” it might be an indicator that he is way older than you. What some recommend is to prepare a set of questions and manage to insert them during your online chatting. Ask the same questions to everyone you meet online and then narrow your list down. It is much the same as interviewing someone for a job. Just as in the job world, there are no guarantees that your questions will find the right online dating mate but it at least puts some structure to your selection process.

Be Safe

Unfortunately, no matter how much an online dating site tries to protect its members, people of questionable character still manage to get on. There is an inherent danger with anything on the internet in that people don’t always tell the truth. Some sites allow you to meet your first person anonymously and then only give out personal contact information such as email address and telephone number when you feel it is safe. Also be aware of any inconsistencies with the other person’s information in their profile. For example, the person might say he lives in the U.S. but it seems like he actually lives on the other side of the world because of the times you are able to contact him. Lastly, when you go on that first date, meet in a public place. Common sense is the rule in order to stay safe with online dating .

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